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Creating and Editing Company Profiles
Creating and Editing Company Profiles

How to create and edit Company Profiles

Written by Kathryn Castro
Updated over a week ago

Creating and Editing Company Profiles

When you first create a profile in Capango, you enter information on your company that will be visible to Seekers as they view and express interest in your jobs. This information can be edited at any time by clicking the "hamburger" menu at the top left of the page and selecting Company > Profile.

The information on this page is broken up into two pods:

  • Basics: Basic company information

  • Location: Information about where your company is located

Basics pod

In the Basics pod, you can:

  • Upload a Company Logo (Required size is 152x152 pixels -- ask your Customer Success Manager to help you out if needed!)

  • Enter your company’s name

  • Enter a description for your company

Location pod

In the Location pod, you can:

  • Enter your company’s street address, city, state/province, and postal code.

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