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How to Create Jobs

How to Create Jobs in Capango

Written by Kathryn Castro
Updated over a week ago

Creating Jobs in Capango

When creating jobs in Capango, you’ll be inputting information into four pods:

  • Basics: Job title and description 

  • Details: Start and end dates, payment amount, and more 

  • Location: Where the job will take place

  • Powers and Passions: What qualities you want the perfect hire to have for this position


In the Basics pod, simply enter the Job’s Title and a Job Description.

  • Job Title: This is the title of the job. This title is what’s displayed on the Jobs Page and is also what Seekers will see.

  • Job Description: A 500-characters-or-less description of the job that Seekers will see.

Powers and Passions

In the Powers and Passions Pod, drag and drop Powers and Passions into the Required and Desired boxes so that Capango can pull Seekers who have the corresponding Powers and Passions into your Qualified list in the Seeker Funnel.

List of Powers:

Can Work Weekends
Can Work Holidays
Can Work Weekdays
Can Work Weeknights

Retail Experience (Choose One)
Less than 1 Year
1-2 Years
3-10 Years
More than 10 Years

Education (Choose One)
Some High School
High School Diploma
Some College
Bachelor’s Degree
Master’s Degree or Above

Spoken Languages
Speaks English
Speaks Arabic
Speaks Cantonese
Speaks Filipino
Speaks French
Speaks German
Speaks Hindi
Speaks Italian
Speaks Japanese
Speaks Korean
Speaks Mandarin
Speaks Portuguese
Speaks Russian
Speaks Spanish
Speaks Vietnamese

Strength (Choose One)Up to 20 lbs
21 lbs to 50 lbs
51 lbs and more

Pay TypeEmployee
Freelance independent contractor

List of Passions:
Type of Work
Light Assembly & Installation
Customer Service
Promotion & Brand Ambassador
Customer Engagement & Selling
Order Kitting & Packing
Product Trainer & Education
Demonstrator & Sampling

Personal Interests
Beauty & Cosmetics
Fashion & Clothing
Home & Décor
Home Improvement
Beverages & Wine Lover
Hobby & Crafts

People vs. Tasks (Choose One)Interacting with people
Following detailed instructions

Locations per Day (Choose One)One location
Multiple locations 

Powers and Passions Algorithm

Powers and Passions placed into the Required box are weighted more heavily than those placed within the Desired box. This enables you to better specify what Powers and Passions you are seeking in candidates. 

Seekers who have even just one Required Power or Passion will have a higher match rating than Seekers who do not have any Required Powers and Passions, even if they have multiple Desired Powers and Passions.

Location and Details

In the Location and Details pod, enter information about the job and its location.

  • Country: The Country in which the job is taking place. 

  • Address Line 1: The street address, if applicable, of the job’s location

  • Address Line 2: Any extra information, such as suite or unit number, if applicable, of the job’s location

  • City: The city in which the job will take place

  • State/Province: The state and/or province in which the job will take place

  • Postal Code: The postal code in which the job will take place

Job Details

  • Start Date: The date the job begins

  • End Date: The date the job ends

  • Recruiter: The recruiter to whom the job is assigned. If assigned to a job, it will show up on the Jobs Page when the “My Jobs Only” toggle button is set to On.

  • Job Date: Whether the job is full-time or part-time

  • Number of Positions: If you would like to create multiple jobs with the same Basics, Details, Location, and Powers and Passions, use this field to input the number of copies you would like. These jobs will not show up as separate entries on the Jobs page; however, when viewing the Seeker Funnel for this position, you will be able to Select a number of Seekers equal to how many positions you created for this job. Using this method to create multiple positions for the same job saves you time by preventing you from having to create each job separately, and it also helps you prevent the Jobs page from being overcluttered with multiple jobs that have the same exact details.

  • Payment Amount: How much this job will pay in U.S. Dollars. This field is not displayed to the Seeker.

  • Payment Type: How often the Seeker will be paid in the designated U.S. Dollar amount (Hourly, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly). This field is not displayed to the Seeker.

Once you enter your location, it will be verified by Capango. Once Verified, you will see the following icon: 

Restricting Qualified Seekers to a Certain Radius
When you input your job’s location into the Location pod, you will have the option to limit the Seekers who appear in your Qualified List in the Seeker Funnel for this job to only those within a certain radius that you can set in this pod. Once you load your address information, the following option will appear.

Adding Locations (Location-Based Listings)

To create additional Locations In the Location pod, click on the Add Location tab at the bottom of this pod. You will then see a list of the previous Locations you have entered for this job and can enter additional information about the new location.

Cancel, Save, and Save and Publish

Both above and below the pods, you have the options to Cancel, Save, and Save and Publish. 

  • Cancel: If at any point you want to return to the Jobs page without saving, you can click the Cancel button

  • Save: If you want to save your progress but don’t want to make the job visible to Seekers yet, you may Save. This is a great option if you want someone else on your team to review your work before going live.

  • Save and Publish: When you’re finished entering information about your job and want to set it live—and thus make it visible to Seekers in the Capango app—you can click on Save and Publish. 

Once the job has been published, you will have the option to Archive it. 

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