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How to View and Add Company Users
How to View and Add Company Users

How to Create and Edit Company Users

Written by Kathryn Castro
Updated over a week ago

Company Users Page

The Company Users Page is where you can see which users within your organization have Capango access.

To access the Company Users page, click on the"hamburger" icon in the top left corner, then Company > Users.

Each user is represented as a row with columns that show more information on each user. The columns are as follow:

  • Name: The user’s name

  • Email: The user’s email address

  • Jobs Posted: The number of jobs the user has created. If multiple positions are created in bulk when creating jobs, the position is only counted once in this total.

  • Create Date: The day the user was created in Capango

  • Last Login: The day the user last logged into Capango

Invite New User

To invite a new user from your organization to join Capango, click on the Invite New User button. This opens a popup with additional information you can input before sending the invitation.

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