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Understanding the Jobs Page
Understanding the Jobs Page

Explanation of the Jobs Page and How it Works

Written by Kathryn Castro
Updated over a week ago

Jobs Page

In Capango, the Jobs Page is where you will see an overview of the jobs you have created.

Open, Closed, Archived Tabs

In the top right of the Jobs Page are three tabs:

  • Open: Jobs that are currently open and visible to Seekers

  • Closed: Jobs that were once open and visible to Seekers but are now closed because a Seeker was Selected for these positions and moved into your internal recruiting pipeline. When a job is closed, you are always able to set the position live again as needed (i.e. for seasonal or evergreen roles)!

  • Archived: Jobs that were once open, but are now Archived. This means that, although you will always have a full recruiting history for that position, you will not be able to set it live again.

“Show Unpublished” and “My Jobs Only” Toggle Buttons

Below the Open, Closed, and Archived Tabs are two toggle buttons:

  • Show Unpublished: Shows jobs that are saved, but unpublished, and therefore not visible to Seekers. Useful if you want to review unpublished jobs before they go live.

  • My Jobs Only: Shows only jobs that you have created and/or jobs that have been assigned to you. Useful if you want to track only those jobs you are responsible for.

Creating a New Job

To create a new job, click on the New Job button. For more information, check out our documentation on Creating Jobs.

Search Filters

To help you more easily sort through jobs, we have included search filters above the list of jobs on the Jobs page. 

Search Bar

To locate a job by its name, type into the Search Bar.

Date Filters

To find a job by its Start Date, use the date pickers to the right of the Search Bar.

Job List

Jobs are listed on this page in order of when they were created in Capango, but we do rearrange jobs with new activity to be at the top. We also display badging when there’s new activity. For more information on this, see the Badging section below.

In the Jobs List, jobs are presented in rows with columns representing different pieces of information about them. The columns are as follow:

  • Start Date: When the job begins

  • Qualified: How many Seekers are qualified based on the Powers and Passions you set as Required and/or Desired, and on how closely that matches the Powers and Passions Seekers have

  • Interested: How many Seekers have expressed interest in the position

  • Matched: How many Seekers have been invited to express interest in the position, and then have done so, thereby making them “match” with you

  • Unlocked: How many Seekers you have unlocked for the position

  • Selected: How many Seekers have been Selected for the position. There is one Selected Seeker per job, so if you created multiple instances of the same position when creating the job, there will be that many potential Selected Seekers. For more information, see our Creating Jobs documentation.

  • Recruiter: The recruiter to whom the job is assigned. By default, this field is populated by the creator of the job position.

  • Location: The location of the position


To show you new activity right away, we include badging to show:

  • New Interested Seekers

  • New Matched Seekers

  • New Unlocked Seekers

  • New Selected Seekers

New Message Badging

Additionally, when you receive a new message in Capango, we have a  icon in the top left of the page that reflects the number of new messages you have received and what positions they pertain to. Click on the bell icon to open the list of new messages, then on the job title to view the message.

Adjusting the View

If you would like to see more jobs on the Jobs Page without having to click over to additional pages, you can do so at the bottom of the Jobs Page. You have the option to show 10 jobs, 25 jobs, 50 jobs, 75 jobs, or 100 jobs based on what you select. 

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