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How to Set up a Payment Method
How to Set up a Payment Method

How to Use the Payment Method page

Written by Kathryn Castro
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Payment Method Page

The Payment Method page is where you will fill out payment details so that you can use Capango to find the best hires for your jobs.

The information on this page is broken up into different pods. 

Billing Address

Enter the address information associated with the credit card used to add funds to your Capango account. 

Billing Account

The Billing account is where you will enter your Initial Amount, set Auto-Replenish functionality and rules, and credit card details.

  • Initial Amount: This is the initial payment that will be charged to your credit card when you click on Save. Once you pay the initial amount, all jobs that you have posted in Capango will become visible to Seekers. The minimum value for Initial Amount is $100. 

  • Auto-Replenish: A toggle button that turns Auto-Replenish on or off.

  • Replenish Threshold: If Auto-Replenish is turned on, then once your funds reach the set amount, your account will auto-replenish the funds via the credit card entered into this pod according to the value entered into the Recurring Replenish Amount. Minimum value for Replenish Threshold is $10.

  • Recurring Replenish Amount: This is the amount of funds that will be charged to the credit card that is entered into this pod once the Replenish Threshold is reached.

  • Credit Card details: Details pertaining to the credit card you are using to access Capango.

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