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How to Fill out Your Cards
How to Fill out Your Cards

Everything you need to know about your Powers and Passions cards!

Written by Kathryn Castro
Updated over a week ago

Filling Out Your Cards

Capango has three kinds of cards that you fill out with information about yourself:

  • Profile Cards: Things like your photo and video, location, availability, etc.

  • Powers Cards: Things like the languages you speak or how much you can lift, etc.

  • Passions Cards: What you’re into, like Electronics or Gardening, etc.

We recommend that you fill out all cards in Capango so we can best match you with a job you’ll absolutely love!

Available Cards

Here’s a list of the cards we have in Capango:

  • Where can you work? Allows you to input your address and use the slider to widen or shorten the area surrounding the address in which you are willing to travel for work.

  • What’s your ideal schedule? Allows you to specify if you want to work full time or part time and whether you want a routine schedule or one that gives you a little more flexibility. This card also allows you to specify when you can start working.

  • Typically, when can you work? Allows you to specify if you can work weekdays, weeknights, weekends, and/or holidays. Select all that apply.

  • Years worked in stores? Allows you to specify how much retail experience you have.

  • Education level? Allows you to specify what your education level is.

  • Favorite kinds of work? Allows you to list four of your professional passions.

  • Personal Interests? Allows you to specify personal passions

  • How do you thrive? Allows you to indicate whether you’re more naturally extroverted or introverted

  • Work at the same store every day? Or mix it up? Allows you to specify whether you’re willing to visit more than one store in a day to complete your work

  • What languages do you speak? Allows you to specify which languages you know and can speak

  • How much can you lift? Allows you to specify how much weight you can lift, or if a medical condition prevents you from doing so

  • What makes you stand out? Allows you to tell employers, in your own words, who you are and how you stand out

  • Smile for the camera! Allows you to post a photo of yourself

  • Video time! What do you bring to the table? Allows you to upload an up-to-60-second, pre-recorded video that shows Employers who you are and how you will add value to their team

  • How do you want to get paid? Allows you to specify whether you prefer to be a W2 employee or a 1099 independent contractor.

Getting Back to Cards from Another Screen

When you first register for Capango, you’ll be brought immediately to your cards. If you ever need to navigate back and change your answers, you can do so by tapping the cards icon in the bottom left of the Capango app.

Filling out Cards

To fill out your cards, simply tap on the card and edit the information inside.

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